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Beijing Friend Group
Beijing Friend Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (Beijing Friend Group) focuses research, development, production, and distribution on these core product lines: insulation materials, SMC/DMC composite materials, GPO-3, UPGM series composite materials and deep processing products of different kinds of engineering plastics. Having been in business for over two decades our engineers and assembly specialists have had ample time to perfect both our products and production techniques, leaving our clients with an ideal combination of innovative, high-quality products produced with extreme efficiency, resulting in lower overall costs, less time in production, and extreme customer value! Our products have applications in a wide range, including aerospace, military industry, shipping industry, petrochemical engineering, rail transit, power industry, electric appliances, electronics, medical treatment, mechanics and many others.

Additionally, our core products have played key roles in 'Shenzhou Series,' 'Chang'e Series,' 'Tiangong Series' and other national key aerospace engineering projects. Since 1998, Friend has successfully obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000 and other important approvals. All our products are designed and produced in complete conformity to national product standards in many countries, including Germany DIN, the U.S. NEMA, Japan JIS and so on. A significant collection of our products have even reached the prestigious approval of American military MIL-I standards. Through many years of examination by the Satellite-manufacturing Plant of Aerospace Group, we are proud to announce that we are a qualified supplier to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Today, we have become a trusted vendor of many world renown global brands, such as General Motors, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Alston, Goldwind Science & Technology, CRRC Corporation, Dong Fang Electrical Machinery, Shanghai Electric Group, TBEA, etc.

Friend has been honored with the task of creating the drafting units for national standards of composite materials and insulation materials. This shows the tremendous degree of confidence regulatory bodies have in our expertise. We also jointly established a new product R&D center together with the Chemistry Institute, CAS. The center was identified as capable of independent R&D by the Beijing Enterprise Technology Center. With 11 national invention patents and 7 utility models, Friend has gained a significant degree of global attention. Friend Group has become one of the most competitive and technologically adept development enterprises for composite materials and insulation materials globally.

R&D Center
The Beijing Friend Group R&D Center was established in 2004. Today, we possess a product R&D and test lab which is nearly 500㎡. Our technical team is composed of 2 PhDs and 9 masters. In addition, our R&D center jointly established a New Material R&D Center with the Chemistry Institute, CAS, and founded the Joint Advanced Polymer Lab. The center was identified as a Beijing Enterprise Technology Center in 2007.

Since 2004, our technical R&D center has obtained nearly 20 national invention patents and 7 utility models. In the past 5 years, we have developed 19 innovative products, brought 14 products into production and obtained approval for 6 new material projects by the national and Beijing government. The R&D project taken on by Friend is listed as the 'National Torch Plan' and awarded 'Best Project,' and 'Tongzhou Science and Technology First Prize,' etc. These innovations, patents, awards and certificates are all proof that Friend is a company you can rely on for advanced, high-quality products with long service life!

Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

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